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Instrument Lessons

At Normanton Junior Academy, all our children have the opportunity to take instrument lessons which are delivered by Wakefield Music Services.

On average, we have between 50-60 children receiving musical tuition at any one time and we encourage all children to partake in these wonderful opportunities.

Children can learn how to play the following instruments on a 1:1 or small group basis:

  • Brass

  • Drums

  • Piano/Keyboard

  • Guitar

  • Strings

  • Woodwind

If you would like your child to discover more about instrumental lessons please contact the school office, where you will receive an “Application Form for Tuition” to register with Wakefield Music Services. This will also have details on how your child can access the initial free loan of an instrument if required as well as details on fees and costings for these weekly lessons.

If you have any further queries or want more information about the fantastic range of musical opportunities that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact school or visit www.wakefieldmusicservices.org

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