A proud member of

School Council

The School Council is a group of pupils elected to represent the children from each class and who want to help improve our school. To promote the value of democracy, our School Councillors were elected using a voting system similar to that used in local and national elections. Candidates’ names were put onto a ballot paper and the children put a cross to make their choice. The candidates with the most votes were elected.
School Councillors attend regular meetings with Mrs Tait and Mrs Wood where they present and share ideas before feeding back to their classes. They also support the work of the Children’s Parliament – click here for more details


Our 2021/2022 School Councillors are:


3EJ – Louisa and Hollie
3HS – Robyn and Ivy

3AG – Annie and Freya


4RT – Sophie and Taylor

4HL – Teddy and Charlie

4OB – Lily and Isla


5IC – Ebony and Harrison

5NY – Isobel M and Niall

5PB – Zak and Aailah


6SM – Nathan and Lola

6PL – Boo and Zach
6OS – Georgie and Isabelle
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