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School Council

The School Council is a group of pupils elected to represent the children from each class and who want to help improve our school. To promote the value of democracy, our School Councillors were elected using a voting system similar to that used in local and national elections. Candidates’ names were put onto a ballot paper and the children put a cross to make their choice. The candidates with the most votes were elected. School Councillors attend regular meetings with Mrs Tait and Mrs Wood where they present and share ideas before feeding back to their classes.


The School Council also supports the work of the Waterton Children’s Parliament, who meet every half term to discuss ways of making their educational experience a better one. Each school, across our Academy Trust, is represented and elections are held every year.


Please visit our Academy Trust website for more details: https://watertonacademytrust.org/childrens-parliament/


Our 2022/2023 School Councillors are:


3EJ – Bella
3HB – Joshua

3EW – Olly


4RT – Jack (Member of Waterton Children’s Parliament)

4PB – Ethan

4OB – Layla


5IC – Ollie

5MC – Lucy (Member of Waterton Children’s Parliament)

5LL – Jessie-Mae


6SM – Lucas

6AG – Szymon
6OS – Bobby

2022/2023 Meeting Minutes
Our next meeting takes place on Wednesday 16th November 2022


Take a look at our work…

In October 2022, we planned and organised a Harvest Collection for Normanton Foodbank, based at The Well Project. The success of the collection was phenomenal and the biggest donation the foodbank had ever received! Well done NJA!

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