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SATs Parents Presentation 2023

Y6 High School Applications – September 2023

Applications for places in the academic year commencing September 2023: the online application system will open on 1 September 2022. The Closing Date for applications is 31 October 2022. Visit Wakefield Council to apply here.


Wakefield Council – Letter to Parents re: application process and open-evenings



Y6 Transition Advice – Summer 2023

As the Y6 children begin their final term at NJA, understandably the children’s emotions and feelings will now be mixed as they begin to think about transitioning to high school.


Luggage for Life – Each Tuesday, the Y6 children will be taking part in Luggage for Life sessions. These sessions are all about promoting positive mental health for children, developing risk and resilience tools. The program is delivered by the Wakefield NHS, Future in Mind team and aims support children in their transition to secondary school in September, as well as help them build skills surrounding emotional health and wellbeing.


We will also be completing lots of other activities, workshops and lessons in and around lesson times. 


However, there’s lots you can also be doing at home, too, in preparation for September. Please see the following links which you can use with your child, which include an activity booklet, a video, as well as additional guidance and support. 








Please also see the following websites from our feeder schools, which contain all relevant information and updates for the Y6 -> Y7 Transition, for parents/carers.


Should any parents/carers wish to talk about their child’s high school transition further, please contact their Class Teacher, in the first instance. Mrs Bywater, our Inclusion Lead, is also working alongside Miss Massa, Mr Siddle and Miss Gudge regarding transition dates and visits to the high schools and is also available, should you need a quick chat. Please contact the school office who will be happy to arrange an appointment. 


Like ourselves, we hope your child’s final few weeks at NJA will be full of wonderful memories as they prepare for their new journey in life.


Y6 Transition Advice – Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSE)

Please visit our designated webpage for more details including parent guides, leaflets etc.


During the summer term of Year 6, the children complete the following work within their weekly PSHE Jigsaw Lesson, which includes RSE:

  • Summer 1 – Relationships
    • Mental health
    • Identifying mental health worries and sources of support
    • Love and loss
    • Managing feelings
    • Power and control
    • Assertiveness
    • Technology safety
    • Take responsibility with technology use
  • Summer 2 – Changing Me
    • Self-image
    • Body image
    • Puberty and feelings
    • Conception to birth
    • Reflections about change
    • Physical attraction
    • Respect and consent
    • Boyfriends/girlfriends
    • Sexting
    • Transition

During the Growing Up and Readiness for Secondary School talk, the school nurse will also discuss these key changes to the body.


To support parents/carers with these topics and specific subject matter, we’ve complied some useful resources for you to use at home:


Websites and resources for children with SEND:

  • National Autistic Society Good advice from the National Autistic Society on how to talk about puberty, sex etc with a child who has autism.
  • Books Beyond Words: Books on growing up for parents, to share with children with learning disabilities.

If you have any questions or would like any further support, please contact Mrs Zammuto or Mrs Williams from our Pastoral Team.


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